Developing Solutions for Monitoring and Mitigating Natural Hazards

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Hydrologic Modeling and Data Assimilation

Water resources modeling and forecasting at local to global scales using land surface and routing models.

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Machine Learning, and Citizen Science

Data-driven techniques to extract knowledge from structured and unstructured earth observation data.

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Remote Sensing Applications

Satellite and radar precipitation, flood inundation mapping, gravimetry, etc.

Principal Investigator

Characterizing and Predicting Flash Floods using statistics and machine learning.

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The first freely available, analysis-ready geospatial dataset of floods over India

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Hetal Priyadarshi

BTP, 2022,

Ritika Dubey

BTP, 2022,

Manabendra Saharia

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering, IIT Delhi

Nirdesh Sharma

PhD Scholar, 2020-,

Anagha P.

PhD Scholar, 2020- , Dept. of Civil Engineering

Rajdeep Pandey

SPARSH FELLOW, Started 2021,

Ravi Raj

PhD Scholar [co-advised], 2019-,

Sai Kiran Kuntla

PhD Scholar, 2020- ,

Bhanu Magotra

PhD Scholar [co-advised], 2020- ,

Shreya Gupta

Junior Research Fellow, 2021-,

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